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Twitter Your Business

A beginner’s guide to using Twitter to successfully promote you and your business.

Cover of Twitter Your Business
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Making an impact, 140 characters at a time

Twitter is not 'a get rich quickly tool'. You will achieve very little by just having an account. It takes time, effort and commitment to stand a chance of success on Twitter. However, if you are prepared to spend some time on Twitter each day finding people and conversations where you can add value, then things may well happen for you.

The real value of Twitter is in the ability to search for real people talking about real stuff, right now and in real time. This offers individuals, businesses, brands the real opportunity to stop talking at customers and start talking with customers. A subtle but huge difference.

In this book, Twitter expert Mark Shaw covers everything you need to know to be effective with your Twitter time. You are shown how to:

- Set up your account
- Gain new followers
- Find new people to communicate with in your target sector
- Listen
- Search
- Engage
- Make the most of your network
- Drive more traffic to your website
- Gain more visibility

and at the same time have fun and be sociable.
ISBN: 9781908003041

Author Info

Mark Shaw


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