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Trading Secrets

20 Hard and Fast Rules to Help You Beat the Stock Market

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Have you ever wondered how the top City traders make big profits from share trading? Do you know why the best investors know exactly when the market is going to rise or fall? And do you wish you could do the same?

By following 20 hard and fast rules,Trading Secrets shows you how you can make the same high returns as experienced investors and traders. Using historical, economic and technical trend analysis from the last fifty years, it identifies ways for you to capitalise on such events as the clocks going back or moving forward, religious holidays, major sporting events and even the US presidential election.

Written for both experienced investors and also those with little knowledge of the stock market, Simon Thompson’s practical investing guide offers trading strategies that you can use over the short-term or the long-term. It covers economic and stock market cycles so that you can be confident in your trading strategies, even when the market is falling.

Armed with Trading Secrets, investing will not only be enjoyable, but highly profitable too.

“Simon Thompson is arguably one of the best stock-pickers of his generation, and the consistent results produced by his strategies put professional fund managers to shame. He’s one of few financial journalists who can make investment analysis a gripping read!”

Matthew Vincent, Personal Finance Editor, Financial Times

“He is always insightful and concise with an enviable track record of correctly identifying trends. Anyone who has listened to his advice will have weathered the downturn comfortably and will be ready to profit whatever the market conditions.”

Dr Stephen Barber, Head of Research, Selftrade
ISBN: 9780273747109

Author Info

Simon Thompson

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