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The Use of Technical and Fundamental Analysis in the Stock Market in Emerging and Developed Economies

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This book gives a scientific and systematic approach to trading in emerging stock markets. As professional traders do not trade purely on the basis of the economic fundamentals, but also take into account market movements generated by other factors (noise trading), knowledge of technical analysis is important to anyone who would like to participate successfully in the stock market.

Second, the existence of a skew towards reliance on fundamental analysis at longer horizons suggests that models based on economic considerations will be more important on the long run. Third, the existence of a skew towards reliance on technical analysis at shorter horizons suggests that models based on short term considerations (noise) will be more important in the short term. The present book gives a base for practitioners as well as students to learn the tricks of the trade through examples and case studies.
ISBN: 9781785604041

Author Info

Naveen B. Kumar

Sanjay Mohapatra

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