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The UK Trader’s Bible

The Complete Guide to Trading the UK Stock Market

Cover of The UK Trader’s Bible
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Price: £4.74
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This is the only comprehensive UK-published guide to short-term trading, combining detailed reference information with the author's advice on strategy and tactics. Every serious trader in the UK needs this book - not a nice-to-have, but a must-have!

The 10 key things you will learn:

- Detailed description of the different trading platforms (SEAQ, SETS, SETSmm, SEATS Plus) on the London Stock Exchange.

- How to deal inside the spread in market making stocks and get the best price.

- How auctions work on the London Stock Exchange platforms.

- The importance of direct market access for active traders.

- The secrets of programme trading, index arbitrage and block deals.

- How the cash, futures, lending and derivatives markets interact.

- The secrets and risks of short selling.

- Which directors' deals to follow and which are irrelevant.

- How to make money from takeover situations.

- Secret strategies from an established and successful trader.
ISBN: 9780857190871

Author Info

Dominic Connolly


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