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The Small Business Guide to Online Marketing

A step-by-step guide to growing your business online

Cover of The Small Business Guide to Online Marketing
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If you run a small business, then your customers are online. They search for products online, they assess stores and service providers online, and they buy online. So you and your business need an online presence; the time has long past when a business can afford to be without a website. Once your business has a website, you can't stop there. You need to invest time and energy in establishing your online presence so that your website and range of online marketing tactics work effectively. This is where The Small Business Guide to Online Marketing comes in.

This guide to setting up and growing your online presence tells you everything you need to know to get your business' online marketing started and then how to develop your approach. Lola Bailey begins by laying down the essential basics that you need in place before steadily building up to more advanced techniques. Jargon is carefully avoided and step-by-step worked examples illustrate the processes to follow.

You will learn:

- What internet marking is and how it drives sales
- The importance of superior content
- How to utilise online performance metrics
- What SEO is and how to use it
- The benefits of social media
- How to use affiliate marketing
- What to consider when optimising for mobile

If you have up until now shied away from giving your business an online presence because of uncertainty about how to use internet marketing or its use for you, or if you have started to market online but would like to enhance your approach, The Small Business Guide to Online Marketing is for you.
ISBN: 9781908003300

Author Info

Lola Bailey


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