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The Pest Detectives

The definitive history of Rentokil

Cover of The Pest Detectives
RRP: £15.59
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Rentokil is the heart and soul of pest control. A brand synonymous with its field and familiar to all. Innovative, ground-breaking, highly professional; renowned for scientific rigour and go-the-extra-mile customer service. At last, here's a book that tells the full story of Rentokil's rise into an international powerhouse - and the pest problems it encountered and solved along the way.

The Pest Detectives explores the origins of the brand, including the story of founder Professor Harold Maxwell-Lefroy, a brilliant yet tragic figure; Britain's first Imperial Entomologist and one of the foremost scientific minds of the early 20th century. It covers the personalities, big deals, landmark assignments and technical accomplishments that shaped the business.

But as well as looking back, The Pest Detectives is very much a book about the business today: the culture, the strategy, the significant investment in innovation and training required to ensure Rentokil will still be at the forefront of the pest control market another 90 years from now. Through interviews with senior managers and talented 'pest detectives' on the ground, Rob Gray paints a picture of what the brand stands for and where it is going. A compelling picture of the greatest pest control business there has ever been.
ISBN: 9780857195081

Author Info

Rob Gray


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