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The Handbook of Strategic Recruitment and Selection

A Systems Approach

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This is a theory-based text with unique features that distinguish it from other books in the field. The inclusion of a strategic component differentiates it from most other books, but the application of systems theory to recruitment and selection sets this book apart. While it includes mainstream topics such as interviews, job analysis and question types, it is the first text to introduce topics such as crowd sourcing, social networking, Skype and distance interviewing. The inclusion of theory such as similarity/attraction theory, insider/outsider theory, cultural appreciation, body language and interview types for different levels within organisations assist in differentiating this text. It is up to date and addresses issues such as the role of staffing, recruitment and selection in a knowledge-based society. This text also looks at resume preparation and analysis, and explores the challenges facing international applicants seeking employment in other countries.
ISBN: 9781780528113

Author Info

Bernard O'Meara

Stanley Petzall

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