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The Future of Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise

Cover of The Future of Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise
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Foreign direct investment (FDI) has soared and multinational enterprises (MNEs) have grown in numbers and complexity as globalization has intensified. This volume takes stock of important new issues relating to FDI and MNEs in a changing world. Contributors are distinguished international business scholars who have written specifically for the book in their areas of expertise. The volume focuses on four key areas: How do managers and firms make internationalization decisions? How does the national origin of MNEs affect their competitive advantages and strategies, particularly those spawned by emerging markets? How is the scope of MNEs changing, in terms of what gets done inside and outside the firm, product vs. geographic diversification, manufacturing vs. services, and the pace of internationalization? And finally, what can or should governments do to harness MNEs for the greater good? In each area, authors propose interesting and important questions for further research. The volume is a Festschrift to Yair Aharoni of Tel Aviv University, whose pioneering research, including the seminal book, The Foreign Investment Decision Process (1966), helped launch the systematic study of FDI and MNEs almost fifty years ago.
ISBN: v000000000423

Author Info

Ravi Ramamurti

Niron Hashai

Alan M. Rugman

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