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The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing

Cover of The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing
RRP: £ 34.99
Price: £ 34.99
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What are the key principles that have served great investors for over half a century?

Is there anything that we can learn from those investors who have displayed an enviable performance on the world’s stock markets?

In this groundbreaking book, bestselling author Glen Arnold addresses just these questions. He provides a set of guidelines which join value principles and growth attributes with the philosophies of the world's most famous investors.

Originally published as Valuegrowth Investing, this new edition has been updated throughout. The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing conveys fundamental concepts, provides practical methods and soffers sound reasoning to guide investment selections.

The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing:

- Describes the proven investing philosophies of iconic investors including Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham
- Shows what ordinary investors should focus on when looking to invest
- Provides tools for analysing key investment factors
- Delivers a coherent investment strategy today for growth tomorrow
- Proves that great investing requires great principles
ISBN: 9780273747062

Author Info

Glen Arnold

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