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The Financial Times Guide to Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Cover of The Financial Times Guide to Finance for Non-Financial Managers
RRP: £ 22.00
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‘This book de-jargons complex financial concepts and is jam-packed with practical tips. A must read for entrepreneurs.’
Kate Bassett, editor of Real Business

‘If you’re looking for a book on finance for business, then this is definitely the book for you. Jo Haigh is quite simply world-class in this space.’
Steve Gilroy, Chief Executive at Visage, the world’s largest CEO network

How can you develop the skills to understand the finances of your business? What’s the best way to start taking a proactive role in managing the capital of your company, rather than taking a ‘what happened’ position?

The Financial Times Guide to Finance for Non-Financial Managers will give you the confidence to ask the right business questions, make the correct finance decisions and competently speak the language of commerce to your colleagues, managers, customers and stakeholders. Written by an experienced CFO, the book shows you how to:

- Understand finance and financial reports
- Communicate more coherently and comprehensively with financially astute colleagues and stakeholders
- Be better positioned to understand the health of your business
- Take a more proactive role in achieving business goals
ISBN: 9780273756279

Author Info

Jo Haigh

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