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The Financial Times Guide to Banking

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The Financial Times Guide to Banking is a comprehensive introduction to how banks and banking works. Best-selling author Glen Arnold provides you with a foundation for understanding the wide variety of activities undertaken by banks. He shows you why these global institutions are so important to consumers and finance professionals alike and explains how their activities impact on everyday life.


The Financial Times Guide to Banking will give you:


-    A thorough understanding of all types of banking from retail through to asset management and investment banking.


-    An overview of global banking including the worldwide evolution of the sector, the influence of cross-border money flows and the importance of modern banking to international development


-    Expert knowledge about instruments and markets including debt markets, futures markets and swaps and options


-    Insight into the crucial importance of central banking and government regulation


-   Answers to the big questions about monetary policy and interest rates, payment systems and banking success
ISBN: 9780273791843

Author Info

Glen Arnold

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