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The Financial Times Guide to Investing in Funds

How to Select Investments, Assess Managers and Protect Your Wealth

Cover of The Financial Times Guide to Investing in Funds
RRP: £ 34.99
Price: £ 34.99
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Learn how to evaluate any investment fund before deciding where to place your money so you can ensure you generate more wealth and protect your cash.


This valuable guide will help you make the right investment decisions by:

- Explaining the procedures that should be followed before investing money anywhere.

- Helping you cut through marketing language to get a real sense of how risky a company’s strategy may be.

- Showing you what questions to ask of investment fund managers so you’re more comfortable investing in a company.

- Showing you how to recognise the warning signs of risky investments.


This book will also help you identify companies who consistently deliver high returns, thereby allowing you to generate more wealth by investing in successful, and stable, funds.

ISBN: 9780273781547

Author Info

Jerome De Lavenere Lussan

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