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The Financial Times Guide to Financial Spread Betting

Cover of The Financial Times Guide to Financial Spread Betting
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If you think spread betting is complex and high risk then think again. Stuart Fieldhouse demonstrates that with the right knowledge and approach it needn’t be. From opening an account and carrying out basic technical analysis through to assessing market opportunities and minimising risk, this book offers a comprehensive walk-through of everything you need to know to trade successfully.

The Financial Times Guide to Spread Betting gives you the tools to spread bet with confidence. The book includes:

- Different ways to trade, the markets available and various approaches you can use in those markets
- How to integrate spread betting into a wider investment strategyandhow to hedge your share portfolio
- Trading in new markets, such as commodities, forex and government bonds
- Managing risk and what to do when markets turn volatile
ISBN: 9780273750482

Author Info

Stuart Fieldhouse

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