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The Finance and Funding Directory 2014/15

A comprehensive guide to the best sources of finance and funding

Cover of The Finance and Funding Directory 2014/15
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The key to success in raising funding, whether for yourself or on behalf of a client, is identifying the areas within the company where funding options could apply, and then providing a comprehensive solution specifically designed to meet those needs.

However, many people are unaware of the various options available, and these days there are several out-of-the-box solutions which also move beyond the traditional finance and funding offerings.

The information contained in this Directory provides all the insight and information you require to make a successful application for funding and covers:

- Asset Based Lending (ABL), Factoring and Invoice Discounting
- Leasing and Asset Finance
- Commercial and Corporate Finance
- Banking Finance
- Property Finance
- Trade Finance
- Bridging Finance
- Equity Funding
- Crowd Funding and Business Angels
- Mezzanine Finance
- Turnaround Funding
- Support Organisations
- Associations and Professional Bodies

The Finance and Funding Directory is your essential guide to the financial resources available in the UK today.
ISBN: 9780857194251

Author Info

Jonathan Wooller

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