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A beginner’s guide to diversifying your portfolio with commodities

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In the last decade the performance of commodity assets has been remarkable. Rising demand for raw materials from emerging economies, political and economic disruptions to production and supply, and the introduction of commodities exchange traded funds (ETFs) have combined to push up the cost of the globe's resources. In many of the commodities markets prices rose to record levels, only to fall again sharply in the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

But many experts believe that the bull-run in commodities is not yet finished and it is argued that prices could continue to rise well into the next decade. This presents opportunities for investors, but what is the best way to capitalise on these opportunities?

The aim of this book is to help investors understand the fundamentals behind the major commodities in the primary resource sectors - energy, base metals, precious metals and agriculture - and to show the value of commodities as a means to diversify exposure and spread risk.

The individual commodities within the four sectors are examined in turn, with an analysis of historic price performance, an outline of the supply and demand dynamics, and a discussion on the future outlook for each resource. In each case the best and safest routes for gaining exposure to the four main sectors are explained, and a full list of commodity ETFs listed on the London Stock Exchange is also provided.

The book provides the investor with both the rationale for diversifying part of an investment portfolio into commodities and the basic knowledge required in order to invest successfully in these exciting and ever changing sectors.
ISBN: 9780857190284
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