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Strategic Financial Management for Small and Medium Sized Companies

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Research shows the majority of small businesses fail in their early years due to poor financial management, turning the dreams of many business owners and novice entrepreneurs into nightmares. This book serves as a guide to prevent these financial disasters. In an applicable fashion, Karadag explains how financial management in an enterprise can be conducted strategically to attain significant improvement in business performance.

Karadag takes the basic strategic management model of environmental scanning-planning-implementing-feedback as a framework, and approaches the core financial practices and instruments as elements of strategic financial management, which any small or medium sized enterprise can use as tools for sustainable organizational performance and growth.

With its unique strategic outlook, this text is a vital reference for nonfinancier small or medium sized enterprise owners and individuals who aim to successfully establish and run their own businesses.
ISBN: 9781785607745

Author Info

Dr. Hande Karadag

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