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Spark for the Fire

How youthful thinking unlocks creativity

Cover of Spark for the Fire
RRP: £9.98
Price: £8.50
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This is the most extraordinary time for people with a desire to make things

Spark for the Fire is for everyone who wants to excel. For the people who are passionate about what they want to do. For those whose imaginations demand to be put to use, in any discipline. it is for the youthful: in age, experience or attitude - and those who want to be - whether to kick-start a career or reignite an established one.

Now more than ever, youthful thinking can help spark the fire of creativity. This must-read book reveals how.

Featuring among others

- Nick Park
- Michael Wolff
- Lord David Puttnam
- Jean Oelwang
- Rory Sutherland
- Ajaz Ahmed
- Jamie Oliver
ISBN: 9780857193711

Author Info

Ian Wharton


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