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Small Business Tax Planning

All you need to know from start-up to retirement

Cover of Small Business Tax Planning
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Effective planning of your tax affairs to help your business save money

Every profitable business in the UK has to pay tax, but some small businesses pay more tax than is necessary. This book examines the tax liabilities that the owners or managers of small businesses need to bear in mind and explains how to manage these tax requirements in the best possible way so as to avoid paying more tax than you have to.

Uniquely, this guide traces how tax should be dealt with throughout the life-cycle of a business, from start-up to the time it is sold, wound up, or passed on, so that whatever stage your business is at this book will be valuable for you.

Areas that are covered include:

- What business structure you should choose when starting out: self-employed sole trader, partnership or limited company.
- How to register your business and when to start paying tax.
- When tax inspections might arise and how to deal with them.
- How to manage business expenses effectively and make use of relevant tax benefits.
- How to withdraw from a business and pass it on, or how to go about selling it.

Guidance about tax is spread over many different locations; on the internet, in booklets provided by HMRC, and in magazines and annual publications. Russell Cockburn brings the information together in this simple and incisive summary enabling you to approach your tax affairs as efficiently as possible.
ISBN: 9780857192097

Author Info

Russell Cockburn


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