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Short Selling

An evidence-based introduction

Cover of Short Selling
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What is short-selling? And is it as profitable - or as dangerous - as it can seem?

In this highly focused eBook, financial expert and author James Clunie reveals everything you need to know about the art of short-selling without wasting your time.

Cutting to the quick, it lays bare:

- all major short-selling techniques: quantitative, forensic accounting, thematic investing, fair value analysis, balance sheet weakness/financial distress, and exploiting market ecology

- the advantages and disadvantages of each short-selling approach, and their rates of success and failure

- where short-sellers get their information from

- how short-sellers try to practise risk management
and much more!

With a low-growth atmosphere and markets still nervous in the wake of recent financial crises, there has never been a better time to get on top of what it means to be a successful short-seller. Short Selling by James Clunie is the most time and cost-effective way to start getting ahead of other traders and investors now.
ISBN: 9780857193629

Author Info

James Clunie


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