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Property tycoon

A simple seven-step guide to becoming a property millionaire

Cover of Property tycoon
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Property Tycoon offers a complete and incredibly revealing guide to EVERY aspect of residential property investment: whether you're looking to just dip into buy-to-let or want to use property to build up a substantial and life-changing income.

Covering buying, managing, maintaining, financing and selling UK property, this book is written by someone who has made a success of buy-to-let investment for more than 20 years and through two booms and busts. Written in plain English, and filled with real-life case studies, it reveals the secrets of:

- the questions every successful property investor asks themselves before buying a property

- how to secure capital for your investment properties

- where to get tradesmen, agents, mentors and tenants you can rely on

- what it takes to manage and maintain different kinds of property portfolio and how to take your portfolio to the next level when the time is right

- when to buy and sell, and how to make sure you get your way in auctions and off-plan deals.

With housing in ever-increasing demand, and UK values showing an average rise in value of 9% a year for the last 60 years, today represents a great opportunity for anyone interested in entering the buy-to-let world. Property Tycoon is the friendliest and most up-to-date guide available.
ISBN: 9780857194084

Author Info

Ian Samuels


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