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Money Made Easy

Cover of Money Made Easy
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Money Made Easy 2015-16 is here to help you master your personal finances - cutting through the jargon and explaining clever but simple ways to make and save money. Covering every stage of life, it gives you the tools you need to ensure you always get a good deal.

The good news is that whatever age you are, however much you earn, whatever your history, you can always improve your financial position by getting organised. You don't need a new job or a pay rise; you can improve your finances without making any major lifestyle changes - and you can do it today.

Dive into Money Made Easy and find out how to:

- Grow your money over the long term
- Plan and save for retirement
- Start a business
- Buy and sell property
- Cut debt and build savings
- Get organised for life's big events: having children, marriage and more.

The book also includes a product guide covering the building blocks of personal finance and a handy jargon buster.

Personal finance is not an enigma and it's not impossible to understand; it's just a subject many people avoid. Don't be one of them. Start smartening your finances today - thanks to this book, it's never been easier.
ISBN: 9780857194923

Author Info

Mark King

Laura Whitcombe

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