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How to Win at Spread Betting

An analysis of why some people win, some lose and how you can be a winner

Cover of How to Win at Spread Betting
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No other book has ever provided this kind of vital information - the kind that traders need to win at spread betting. The authors have taken data from the daily trades of hundreds of traders over a five-year period - tens of thousands of trades. Then they analysed it. This analysis has allowed them to answer the following questions:

- Which clients win and lose? What are their characteristics?
- Which markets are the easiest to make money on?
- Which markets should retail investors avoid?
- Do investors make more money in volatile markets or quiet markets?
- Which is more profitable: to go long or to go short?
- Do short-term/day traders make more money than long-term traders?
- What are the most common mistakes made by losing clients?
- How much do the top spread betters actually make?
- Which trading systems work best?
- Do technical analyst traders outperform fundamental analysis traders?
- How long are the most profitable positions held?
- What impact do dealing costs have on your ability to beat the market?
- What rules do profitable traders use for setting trade size and stop losses?
- What do winners do differently from losing spread betting traders?
- What size accounts do the most profitable traders have?
- How many spread betters win and how many lose?
- Do losers become winners and winners become losers over time?
- Do winners mimic what big winners like George Soros do?

What does success look like? What puts someone in the top 10 of spread betters? What are they doing right? That is what this book teaches.

The book is packed with hardcore insider data - taken from other traders and the authors' own trades - all carefully dissected to provide you with the answers you need to succeed.

As insiders, the authors' aim is to show you how to beat the market. They now it can be done because they know the winners who do it. In this book, they show you how to do it.
ISBN: 9780857193377

Author Info

Paresh H. Kiri


Alpesh B. Patel


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