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How to Talk Finance

Getting to grips with the numbers in business

Cover of How to Talk Finance
RRP: £ 14.99
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Unsure of the difference between cash and profit?

Don’t know your budget from your forecast?

Whatever your role and whatever the business, if you don’t understand the numbers you can quickly feel overwhelmed, confused and out of control.

No mathematician? No matter. How to Talk Finance is straight-talking, easy to understand, written in plain English and will quickly become your indispensable guide to business finance. It will take you through all the major finance and reporting concepts you need to know so you can make sense of the numbers, discuss them with confidence and apply what you’ve learned to your everyday work.

• Understand official financial statements and unlock what they mean to you

• Learn to read statutory accounts and management reports

• Clarify the key concepts of budgeting and forecasting and learn to do your own

• Build an impressive financial vocabulary and begin to talk finance
ISBN: 9781292074412

Author Info

Ted Wainman

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