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How To Double Your Wealth Every 10 Years (Without Really Trying)

Cover of How To Double Your Wealth Every 10 Years (Without Really Trying)
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This book shows you that effective investment can be simple, how anyone with just an hour or two to spare each week can double their wealth in ten years; double it again in the decade after that; and then double it once more - to make an eight-fold increase of capital in 30 years.

The strategy for this should work even if the current miserable investment climate persists for all those years.

And it requires minimal time and effort.

This isn't a get-rich-quick guide. It is a get-rich-slow guide, a get-rich-reliably guide.

There are all sorts of books out there that tell you how to double your money in five years or even three years. Most were written back in the 1990s when double-digit stock market returns were the norm, and most also require - if they work at all - a dedication to trading which is both anxiety-inducing and costly in terms of time.

They are all about taking risk. This guide is not.

Written by a veteran investor and finance writer, this book is all about building as much certainty as possible into your returns right from the very start.
ISBN: 9780857192608

Author Info

Nick Louth


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