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Harriman’s Money Miscellany

A collection of financial facts and corporate curiosities

Cover of Harriman’s Money Miscellany
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A collection of facts, figures, intriguing information and oddities about money. A cornucopia of financial trivia covering topics as diverse as the size of the smallest banknote to a list of the ten largest stockmarket crashes of all time.

If you have ever wondered which currency presents the best value by volume for smugglers, what an 'Entreprenerd' is, or what the top ten songs about money are, then this is the book for you

You will find the answers to these questions and hundreds more packed into this pocket-sized masterpiece.

Whether you are dazzled by data, fascinated by financial markets or crazy about cash, this book will have you enthralled.

Harriman's Money Miscellany is a solid gold addition to anyone's literary portfolio and an invaluable source of fascinating financial facts.

* What is the production cost of a one dollar bill?
* What is the price of a top hat?
* What country has a currency called kip?
* What is the difference between the IMF and the World Bank?
* What did Nokia do before it made phones?
* How can you tell if a euro coin was minted in Pessac, France?
* Why are bad companies good for investors?
* When was the word millionaire first used?
* What is the plural of euro?
* What currency do they use in Star Wars?
* How many coins (per person) are in circulation in the UK?
* How do you launder money?
* What is a 'Dead cat bounce'?
* What year did the first ATM machine appear?
* Why can't you play Monopoly in Cuba?
* How can two cows explain political economic theory?

and lots more!
ISBN: 9780857192219

Author Info

Stephen Eckett


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