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From Nothing to Everything

Cover of From Nothing to Everything
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From Nothing to Everything tells the extraordinary story of Rami Ranger, award-winning business-owner, philanthropist and political reformer. Beginning with a dramatic flight from home during the turmoil of the break-up of India in 1947, Rami's journey takes in the assassination of his father, childhood hardship under the guiding hand of his mother, emigration to England and the long fight against prejudice to achieve success on a scale he could hardly have imagined as a naive young immigrant in London in 1971.

Having founded his first enterprise with just £2 and a typewriter in 1987, Rami now oversees Sun Mark, a £160-million-a-year operation that has become one of Britain's fastest-growing and most decorated businesses. The business has received a record-breaking five successive Queen's Awards and Rami himself has been awarded the MBE for his efforts to foster greater social and political opportunities for the British Asian community.

En route from poverty to riches, Rami offers lessons in business and lessons in life, drawing heavily on the values instilled in him by a mother who, having lost her husband, home and ancestral homeland, refused to give up on her children. As Rami himself puts it: "My story shows that one does not need a rich father, an elite education or the old schoolboy network to help one in life. What one needs is self-respect, ethics, commitment and empathy for others."

It has indeed been a journey from nothing to everything for one of the most successful British Asians of his generation - and his story, told in his own words, provides an inspiration for anyone who faces obstacles in their quest to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.
ISBN: 9780857193728

Author Info

Rami Ranger


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