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Followership in Action

Cases and Commentaries

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For years, leading management scholars have assumed the contribution of followers is an effect rather than a cause of an organization’s success. The 25 case studies and commentaries in Followership in Action from such diverse places as Canada, France, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States lend further support to the argument that followership is more than an outcome of leadership. Followership in Action is a highly practical and scholarly book to which leadership scholars, practitioners, and students will actively turn to better understand and apply followership theory to everyday human resource development, management, and leadership contexts. It was written with administrators, coaches, consultants, executives, human resource professionals, academics, and support staff fully in mind. As the study of followership further escalates into the global mainstream of leadership studies, Followership in Action offers an excellent way to more proactively engage future leaders and followers in issues that they are likely to face in various organizational settings.
ISBN: 9781785609473

Author Info

Melissa K. Carsten

Rob Koonce

Michelle C. Bligh

Mike Hurwitz

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