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F7 Financial Reporting

Study Text 2017-18

Cover of F7 Financial Reporting
RRP: £19.99
Price: £19.99
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Fully covering the syllabus but without excessive detail, this book is written in clear English and uses an attractive, simple layout. With a large bank of practice questions and comprehensive solutions to help you with learning each topic, this book is an essential tool for passing your ACCA exam.

This book covers everything you would expect from an exam-focused text:

• The conceptual framework
• Recognition and measurement
• Accounting for the substance of transactions and revenue
• The regulatory framework
• The financial statements of a single company
• Reporting financial performance
• Tangible non-current assets
• Intangible assets
• Impairment of assets
• Inventory and agricultural activity
• Financial assets and financial liabilities
• Leases
• Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets
• Taxation
• IFRS 13: Fair value measurement
• IAS 21: Foreign currency transactions
• Reporting of non-group financial statements
• Earnings per share
• Statements of cash flows
• Consolidated accounts
• Consolidated accounts: intra-group adjustments
• Disposal of subsidiaries
• Associates
• Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
ISBN: v000000000428

Author Info

Emile Woolf International

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