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Essential Financial Management - Fundamentals

Study Text 2017-18

Cover of Essential Financial Management - Fundamentals
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This Essential Guide covers the key elements of financial management including:
• The financial management function
• The financial management environment
• Working capital management
• Management of working capital inventory control
• Management of receivables and payables
• Cash management
• Introduction to investment appraisal and capital investment decisions
• Discounted cash flow
• DCF taxation and inflation
• DCF risk and uncertainty
• Capital investment appraisal further aspects
• Sources of equity finance
• Sources of finance debt capital
• Capital structure
• Finance for small and medium sized entities (SMEs)
• Cost of capital
• Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
• Business valuations
• Foreign exchange risk
• Interest rate risk
ISBN: v000000000416

Author Info

Rob Tully

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