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Essential Corporate Reporting International

Study Text 2017-18

Cover of Essential Corporate Reporting International
RRP: £19.99
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The Essential Guide covers the key elements of corporate reporting including:
• The professional and ethical duty of the accountant
• Beyond financial reporting
• The financial reporting framework
• Reporting financial performance
• Revenue
• Non-current and current assets
• Financial instruments
• Leases and substance over form
• Employee benefits
• Share based payments
• Taxation
• Provisions and events after the reporting period
• Specialised entities
• Group financial statements: Revision
• Joint arrangements, associates and joint ventures
• Group financial statements: complex groups
• Group financial statements: step acquisitions
• Group financial statements: disposals
• Group reorganisations and restructuring
• IFRS 13: Fair value measurement
• Foreign currency
• Statements of cash flows
• Capital reconstructions
• Performance measurement
• Other issues
ISBN: v000000000436

Author Info

Rob Tully

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