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Entrepreneurship in the Global Firm

Cover of Entrepreneurship in the Global Firm
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This 15-chapter volume provides the latest research insights from the international business field on entrepreneurship in the global firm. The first section of the book addresses entrepreneurship challenges in smaller, internationalizing companies. The second section analyses a variety of entrepreneurship problems in large, established multinational enterprises, with a focus on subsidiary entrepreneurial initiatives. The third section discusses entrepreneurial activity impacts, both within the firm and in the broader external networks and clusters within which the multinational enterprise is embedded. This collection provides a unique, comprehensive perspective on the wide variety of conceptual and managerial issues that arise as a result of entrepreneurial action in firms operating in the global economy. It is a must read for scholars and managers alike, who face the need for continuous change in dynamic international business environments.
ISBN: v000000000424

Author Info

Alain Verbeke

Ana Teresa Tavares Lehmann

Rob van Tulder

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