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Effective Teaching for Managers

Lessons from Films

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Effective Teaching for Managers addresses the manager's role as teacher in leading staff and getting the best performance out of them. The topic of effective managerial teaching is of special interest today given the significant changes (economic, social and technological) facing organizations everywhere. Transformative business strategies are the rule and implementing such changes requires new teaching and learning skills.

The author team, including two leading management professors and one education expert, provides many lessons for executives, drawing on stories and films. The book is aimed at managers in formal organizations at all levels. It focuses on suggestions and principles for carrying out their training and mentoring roles more effectively. Topics covered include managerial leadership, coaching, mentoring, performance-based teaching, managing cultural difference, morality and ethics, teaching goals, and self-management. Each topic concludes with a management application.

Featuring 30 films, each discussed and framed with a managerial perspective and application, the authors provide vivid lessons in how to teach management and improve performance through training.
ISBN: 9781785607004

Author Info

Stephen Carroll

Alisa Kinney

Harry Sapienza

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