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eBay Selling Success

Top tips from an expert eBay PowerSeller

Cover of eBay Selling Success
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Top tips from long-term PowerSeller and eBay expert Bob Pugh

The eBay marketplace can be daunting for the inexperienced seller and it can seem tough to go up against established PowerSellers. But it is possible for your business to compete successfully, and make a good profit, if you plan carefully, work efficiently and take the right approach.

To help you on your way, Robert Pugh, author of the hugely popular eBay Business Handbook, has produced this collection of essential eBay tips. In this concise guide Robert - or Mollybol to the eBay community - reveals the techniques that have enabled him to become a successful and profitable seller over a period of seven years... and counting!

Find out:

- What to sell and where to find stock
- How to structure your item descriptions
- How to optimise your eBay shop for keyword-based search engines
- Customer service and eBay etiquette that can make a huge difference

And lots more too!

If you have made a start on eBay but are looking to take things to the next level and increase sales and maximise profits, this book will provide you with loads of useful ideas.
ISBN: 9780857192332

Author Info

Robert Pugh


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