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Day Trading Using the MEJT System

A proven approach for trading the S&P 500 Index

Cover of Day Trading Using the MEJT System
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The MEJT System is a methodology for trading the S&P 500 Index - it uses the principle that market action at certain times of the day sets a pattern for future price action. The approach was developed by Jeffrey Tennant in 2002 and since that time he has employed it to enhance his market analysis and improve the success of his day trading. In this concise book the essentials of the method are outlined so that you can utilise it to complement your analysis.

Jeffrey Tennant explains what the MEJT System can and cannot do, describes the rules of the system, shows how to system on a day-to-day basis with a series of worked examples, and provides a backtest from a random historical week to show how the approach would have worked in the past.

If you day trade the S&P 500 Index this book may provide you with the additional tool you need to improve your profitability.

Jeffrey Tennant posts a daily video of MEJT System analysis on his YouTube channel: http://tinyurl.com/jt-mejt
ISBN: 9780857192899

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Jeffrey Tennant


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