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Cook Wrap Export

Selling your food to the world

Cover of Cook Wrap Export
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Your journey to becoming a food and drink exporter may start from an unexpected but thrilling enquiry from Russia, India or South Africa or may have always been part of your business plan. However your journey starts, there is much to learn and do before the trickle of export orders is transformed into growing part of your income.

This book is a guide for those tipping their toes into the exciting, challenging world of exporting. It's for those making the first overseas sales and realising the potential of a huge and global market hungry for quality UK food and drink and it's for exporters seeking inspiration and advice on developing your existing export business.

The potential of export markets is huge and it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the choice, size and complexity of choosing your markets and fulfilling orders. But there is a huge amount of support for fledging exporters and a lot of interest around the world for products ‘Made in Britain' - so now is a great time to sell your foodie products around the world.
ISBN: 9781908003669

Author Info

Bruce McMichael


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