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Better Value Investing

Cover of Better Value Investing
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Practical and powerful improvements for value investors

Buying undervalued shares and selling when the price is many times greater has a natural appeal - and research shows it works. But not all value investors are successful. As Andrew Hunt shows in this must-read new book, many are guilty of common errors in their planning and execution and these critically undermine their success.

Better Value Investing provides a straightforward framework to help all value investors improve, showing them what to focus on and what to cut out in order to be successful.

Supported by the latest empirical research, 15 years of real investing experience, studies of what the top investors have said and done, and wide reading, Andrew Hunt reveals:

- how financial strength is at the heart of value investing
- why to invest like an owner
- the importance of contrarianism
- why you should buy only the very best bargains
- the essentials of constructing and managing a portfolio
- how checklists control the process and keep the value investor on track.

This concise guide to honing the craft of value investing is essential reading for all value investors new and old. With its help you can concentrate on what is important, cut out errors and achieve what you set out to do, making you a better value investor.
ISBN: 9780857194978

Author Info

Andrew Hunt


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