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Be Your Own Financial Adviser

The comprehensive guide to wealth and financial planning

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Many people stumble through their financial life reacting to events and advice in an ad hoc way. As a result, few choose the most suitable financial products, some fall prey to mis-selling and many never realise their financial goals.

Are you one of them?

Be Your Own Financial Adviser shows you how to make sensible financial decisions without the need for expensive advice. Its accessible style, examples and case studies explain and evaluate financial products, and put you firmly in control of your own financial well being. It advises on how to adopt the best saving, spending and investment strategies, make decisions tax-efficiently, manage risk wisely, and protect and enhance your wealth. It also suggests when professional help is a good idea, and shows you how to protect yourself against mis-selling and get the best out of your adviser.

Be Your Own Financial Adviser shows you how to:

- Stress-test your financial decisions
- Take advantage of legal tax breaks
- Achieve your financial goals
- Manage and preserve your wealth
ISBN: 9780273746782

Author Info

Jonquil Lowe

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