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How to Analyse Bank Financial Statements

A concise practical guide for analysts and investors

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The financial statements of banks differ very much from those of non-banks. The assets and liabilities are mostly financial based, and the equity ratio is far lower than the equity ratios of industrial companies. Banking supervision has a big influence on the financial statements too. Recent years have shown the risks which can evolve from banks, but normal instruments of financial statement analysis are not sufficient to analyse banks and locate these risks: different methods are needed.

This book, by experienced bank analyst Thomas Padberg, provides analysts and investors with the tools to analyse bank financial statements, find problems in bank finances, and assess the risks of banks. Examples with real bank financial data are used to show readers the step-by-step methods to follow when looking at bank financial statements.

The book covers:

- The specific accounting rules that apply to banks
- How to analyse bank segment reporting
- The ratios to use when analysing bank financial statements
- How to analyse bank profit and loss accounts
- Equity analysis and stock analysis of banks

This is an essential guide for all analysts and serious investors who need to analyse bank financial statements.
ISBN: 9780857195197

Author Info

Thomas Padberg

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