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The Aftershock Investor, 2nd Edition

A Crash Course in Staying Afloat in a Sinking Economy

RRP: £ 14.99
Price: £ 14.99
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From the authors who accurately predicted the domino fall of the conjoined real estate, stock, and private debt bubbles that led to the financial crisis of 2008, comes the definitive guide to protection and profit in 2013 and beyond. Based on the authors' unmatched track record of accurate predictions in their three landmark books, America’s Bubble Economy, Aftershock, and Aftershock Second Edition, this new book offers what readers have been clamouring for: a detailed guide to how to survive and thrive in the next global money meltdown.

Entirely updated with three new chapters, plus more actionable insights and detailed advice, The Aftershock Investor second edition spells out clearly and concisely exactly what smart investors need to know right now, before the worldwide Aftershock hits. Specifically, readers will discover that…

This so-called economic "recovery" is 100% fake (see new Chapter 1)
And is working to temporarily support our multibubble economy (Chapter 2)
Based on massive money printing that will only make our problem even worse later (Chapter 3)
When mounting future inflation and climbing interest rates will inevitably push us over the Market Cliff (new Chapter 4)
Going over the Market Cliff will surprise most conventional investors (Chapter 5),
Crash the stock market (Chapter 6)
Diminish bonds (Chapter 7)
Depress real estate (Chapter 8)
Threaten insurance and annuities (Chapter 9)
And make gold and other precious metals soar (Chapter 10)
If you can keep your job or business before and during the Aftershock (Chapter 11)
And be smart about spending, savings, and debt (new Chapter 12)
You can learn now how to best protect your retirement (Chapter 13)
And most importantly, how to defend yourself and your assets with an innovative, actively managed Aftershock investment portfolio (Chapter 14)…
Before it's too late.
ISBN: 9781118733455

Author Info

David Wiedemer

Robert A. Wiedemer

Cindy S. Spitzer

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