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Africa’s Economic Moment

Why This Time Is Different

Cover of Africa’s Economic Moment
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On a number of occasions in the past 50 years, forces for expansion, growth and economic empowerment in the African business environment have seemed to appear, only for the opportunities to fade. This time is different. As David Mataen explains, it is now Africa's moment to take its place as the ultimate source of long-term business and investment opportunities.

Meeting a demand for information on what is happening in the African business landscape and where the most exciting investment opportunities lie, Africa's Economic Moment elucidates Africa's robust investment case in a structured manner. It provides a concise, current analysis of the latest market dynamics; a description of the fundamental framework underpinning the growth of African markets; and the primary investment themes and strategies within seven key consumer sectors for the immediate future and the long term.

This primer on the current state and future trajectory of the African economic situation will leave you more informed about the key themes and most important investment areas in the continent. This is Africa's economic moment - don't miss the opportunity.
ISBN: 9780857193209

Author Info

David Mataen


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