What is Volow?

Volow is a browser-based eBook reader and Volow Monthly is our eBook subscription service. With it, readers can buy individual eBooks or subscribe to a Collection of titles. No new apps or software to download and install – just read eBooks in a web browser on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Everything is stored in the cloud so readers can log in and continue reading on any device at any time. Volow is designed to be quick, simple and to deliver a great reading experience.


Volow gives you the opportunity to offer compelling financial content to your clients or staff via a subscription to any of the Volow eBook Collections. You can also curate your own Collection of content, distribute your own materials through Volow or licence the platform for your own corporate use.

You can benefit from bulk discounts in purchasing multiple subscriptions or make use of the pay-as-you-go model to give you maximum flexibility.

Client acquisition and community engagement

Volow is a unique product that will provide your clients with brilliant, high quality content in a dynamic and flexible way.

It allows you to offer your clients access to top financial eBooks from leading financial authors and it can be used as part of your marketing, client acquisition or ongoing client engagement and education activities.

Staff training and development

Volow is a great resource for staff training and ongoing personal development. The platform allows you to offer your team access to any of the eBooks featured in any of the Volow Collections or to offer your own existing training or educational materials to benefit from the flexible access and sophisticated analytics and reporting functionality.

Data and analytics

Volow provides insightful and detailed analytics on usage and reader behaviour. It can generate reports that highlight usage by category and title to help identify the most frequently accessed content. It can also show the activities of individual readers, allowing you to carefully profile and target communications to clients.

As part of your in-house training, offering these analytics can provide you with valuable feedback on team engagement and progress.


Volow offers an innovative, highly flexible and controllable distribution platform for digital materials, publications and content. Developed from the ground up to work seamlessly across a range of devices without the need for new applications or hardware it delivers a brilliant and dynamic reading experience.

The platform can be branded and customised as required. The licensing fee for use of the platform is based on the volume of content being listed, the number of readers and the level of customisation required.

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For more information on what Volow could offer your organisation please contact Myles Hunt: or call: +44 (0)1730 233870.

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